Advocacy Groups


CATHR - Californians for Tobacco Harm Reduction

Californians For Tobacco Harm Reduction is an advocacy group made up of individual consumers as well as businesses dedicated to educating the public and politicians on the harm reduction potential of vapor products. We use grass-roots efforts as well as a lobbyist to protect your right to vape.

SFATA – Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association

The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association represents a wide cross section of the “Smoke- Free” or vapor products, industry including distributors, manufacturers, retailers and consumers of Personal Electronic Vaporizing Units such as electronic cigarettes and the liquid solutions they contain.  The vapor products industry is the embodiment of the American Dream; built by entrepreneurs and visionaries, this industry has grown organically and become a vibrant mutli-billion dollar industry that is constantly innovating the creating.


Sick of being mislead by harmful propaganda? There’s a lot that CA Public Health isn’t telling us about vaping. Such as…vaping is small business, NOT big tobacco!

CASSA – The Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association
  • CASAA is the Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association
  • CASAA formed in 2009 by members of an online forum as an advocacy group to raise awareness and protect our right to access reduced harm alternatives.
  • CASAA was created as an answer to the anti-Tobacco Harm Reduction groups’ efforts to ban THR products and in the belief that there is strength in our numbers.
  • CASAA has over 27,000 registered members*


TVECA – Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association

The TVECA has been established to provide the media, legislative bodies and those that are currently using the electronic cigarette (e-cig) a single industry resource to simply provide the scientific facts behind a new technology that has garnered tremendous disinformation. Now with over 3.5 Million Americans using the e-cig and over 21 scientific studies of e-cig constituencies it is our mission to disseminate the facts and truths about a new technology smokers are actually using daily and health advocacy groups are aligned against.

CVA – California Vapor Association

The California Vapor Association’s mission is to promote & build the Vapor Industry (Retailers, E-Juice Manufacturers and Supporting Businesses) through proactive legislation, ongoing research and training.

AVA – American Vaping Association

The American Vaping Association is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the rapidly growing vaping and electronic cigarette industry. We are dedicated to educating the public and government officials about the growing evidence that vapor products and e-cigarettes – battery-powered devices that heat a liquid nicotine solution and create an inhalable vapor – are harm reduction products that effectively help smokers quit.
In order to further our mission, the AVA has secured the services of BGR Group, a premier public relations firm located in Washington, D.C. BGR Group has the capability to get our spokespeople on major media outlets and get our press releases into major publications.


AEMSA – American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association

AEMSA is the first and only Manufacturers’ trade association completely dedicated to creating responsible and sustainable standards for the safe manufacturing of “e-liquids” used in electronic cigarettes. AEMSA is an all-volunteer organization, formed by American manufacturers of e-liquids, to promote safety and responsibility through self-regulation.