About Us

Vision Statement

Our vision for every smoker to transform their life and health through vaping; Our commitment to provide an e-liquid you can TRUST.  (All VG/PG are kosher and USP food grade and nicotine is 99.9% pure)

Mission Statement

Electronic Liquid Company (ELC) is a company that cares about the people – partners and clients – and its environment. We dedicate our strong will to provide the very highest quality in our products that we ensure all e-liquid contents are USP food grade. Inspired by our family values, we are dedicated to working with the most natural way to manufacture e-liquid. We exist to provide our clients with e-liquids they can trust.

About the Company

Electronic Liquid Company (ELC) is one of California’s leaders in developing, manufacturing and distributing electronic cigarette liquids (e-liquids) to the consumers. ELC partners with premier vendors across the nation to offer a wide variety of exclusive blends of e-liquids. Since its inception, our e-liquids are blended with our health and yours in mind.

Fully committed to providing e-liquids you can trust, our company holds a manufacturing license and our products are fully insured and underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. To ensure your safety is our number one priority, we contracted an industry leader cleanroom construction company, Allied Cleanrooms, to build a 1,400 square feet state-of-the-art CIass 100,000 cleanroom (ISO 8) with over 10 HEPA filters, numerous temperature-controlled rooms with two (2) TRUE pass-through doors. Through the use of proper filtration (HEPA filters), strict clothing regulations and rigorous cleaning methods, cleanroom environments are kept free of contaminants.

Facts about ELC

BOTTLE: PET bottles with tamper-proof caps.

INGREDIENTS: Our ingredients contain USP grade/Kosher propylene glycol and USP/Kosher grade vegetable glycerin along with a proprietary blend of USP grade Natural and Artificial flavorings. All ingredients are FDA and FEMA approved food additives, and we use only the highest quality USP grade nicotine with a Certificate of Analysis. ALL of our e-liquids’ raw materials are registered with the State of California.

FLAVOR: Our e-liquids are exclusively blended to create an experience to awaken your senses. Consistency of the flavor from the first drop to the last drop is our priority.

NICOTINE: Our nicotine is tested and documented to be a minimum of 99.97% pure prior to production in our manufacturing facility. Following levels available to our consumers: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg.

MIXTURE: Blended at 70/30 ratio and some at 60/40 ratio, 70%/60% vegetable glycerin and 30%/40% propylene glycol.

SIZES: Our e-liquids are bottled in 30ml, 60ml and 120ml.

LOT NUMBER: Each e-liquid (flavor and nicotine level) produced are assigned a unique “lot number” for traceability. First and last e-liquid bottles in the production line are kept at the ELC facility for testing and recording. All employees, uniforms, cleaning supplies and materials used prior and during production are also tied into the unique “lot number” for recording.

PRODUCED: Our liquids are mixed in an ISO 7 room, produced, and bottled in an ISO 8 cleanroom, built and certified by Allied Cleanrooms in Orange, CA, to provide the highest quality in our products. The “Cleanroom” has over 10 industrial HEPA filters installed, along with strict clothing regulations and rigorous cleaning methods.

TRACEABILITY AND RECORDING: All e-liquids manufactured in our facility can be traced to its lineage – day it was mixed, raw materials used, employees, uniforms worn on the day of production, cleaning materials and supplies used in the cleanroom prior, during and after production.

ELC is serious about providing e-liquids you can trust.